Ascent from the Third Chakra

She possesses the vision but has not yet internalized it.

SinEater (#2)

Mudra-Weenie 3 Dimensional Triptych

the Outside

The Goddess dances eternally delighted;

opening, we see her womb contains the world,

and the ego of the world: the Emperor uncertain of his weenie,

and unaware as well that behind his grand facade,

it is the Trickster who proffers the red ripe fruit.


the Inside


Anytime you dare to look through the lens

My People, My People


It’s looking a little loaded.



Prayer Hours Sundial Chime

the Inner Workings

The sundial’s gnomon is calibrated
for the latitude of Midcoast Maine,
and the hours are marked on the
disciples’ heads, Jesus being high
The clock mechanism within the
box prompts the doll arm to ring
the chime at each of the appointed
hours of prayer, from Matins to








Blinky The 3rd Eye Enlightenment Box

Heavenly Dispensation Bagatelle